Make This The Year You Share Classical Music and Great Art with Your Children

Many homeschooling parents want to introduce their children to the beauty of classical music and great art, but lack the funds or time to use most of the materials on the market.

Now your family can enjoy learning about fine arts simply, easily, and with no hassle and no planning required!

We provide themed collections of resources about classical music composers and great artists that you can use with your children, including:

-educational resources such as ebooks, activities, or lessons plans

-beautiful videos related to the composer or artist–their music, the instruments, the art and culture of the time, famous works, and more

-musical playlists that you can click to enjoy right from your computer. Simple and easy!

-as well as other fun and interesting resources related to the composer, instruments, artist, works, and time period

All resources are carefully screened to be family-friendly, high quality, and valuable for homeschool families!*

*We do our best to provide content warnings for anything that we think parents might prefer to preview first, to judge for suitability for their family.

**each Classical Composer resource is unique and will include a variety of the above mentioned items, but not necessarily all of them in every collection.